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Homeschool Group


Homeschool Coordinator:
Daphne Winslow

This webpage is dedicated to those members of Berean Baptist Church who, by conviction or preference, choose to educate their children in their homes. Every family has the right to choose what is best for their children. The information posted on this page will help the parents who homeschool connect in order to support each other in the challenges of homeschooling. Monthly meetings are planned to provide encouragement and support for the homeschool families of Berean Baptist Church. The children will have opportunities to meet with friends during educational activities. One does NOT have to be a church member to participate with this group of Christian homeschoolers.

For more information about local activities, classes and statewide Homeschool Days, join us on Facebook at BBC Homeschool Group.

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(Advanced registration is required for all events.
All event registrations go through Daphne via Evite or contact through email)

More information is coming soon!


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