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Great Books

The purpose of this page is to share with the body of Christ those books that the pastors and staff of Berean believe will be most helpful to a Christian's growth in addition to several good study Bibles. Many of these books are available in our bookstore @ 864-2729.

Sketches of Church History by S.M. Houghton

An excellent resource for find several high points and main characters in the history of the church. This is not the history of Baptists or any other denomination; it is the story of the men and women that placed their faith in Christ and stood for Him. This book picks up in history in the first century and brings the reader all the way through modern times. (Brian Howell)


Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe

This book has been around for many years. It is a history book about many brave Christians that chose to live for God rather than preserve their own life. This book is really a compilation of many smaller stories. The reader can easily pick up the book and read about one hero of the faith at a time without needing to read other chapters. If you have the E-sword software, it can be freely obtained. (Brian Howell)


Marks of the Messenger By J. Mack Stiles 

A great, brief book about the effective witness of Christians. It focuses on the messenger delivering the gospel. With all of the modern “ways” to effectively present the gospel, Stiles focuses our attention back on the person delivering the gospel. (Brian Howell)


30 Days to Understanding the Bible By Max Anders

This book is highly recommended from BBC as it is used in Bible classes in our academy. It can be used to help Christians grow in their understanding of the narrative of the Bible as a whole, not just individual books. (Brian Howell)


Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology By Ed Bulkley

This is a mind-opening book leading to the realization that psychology has no connection with the Bible and that there is no such thing as Biblical psychology. This is an excellent read to help you understand the significance of Bible based thinking and not merging your psychology with doctrine. (Brian Howell)


Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot



The Life and Testament of Jim Elliot Shadow of the Almighty is an amazing biography by Elliot’s wife, Elisabeth about a man who made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Christ and the advancement of the gospel. Every Christian should read this book. Reading Christian biographies serves to remind us that we are in good company with millions who believe that Jesus is the Christ. Elliot’s own words are recorded through his journal and letters to his fiancée and family. If you are not familiar with Jim Elliot, you are missing out; turn off the TV and read a good book (Pastor Sean).



Humility "True Greatness" by CJ Mahaney

The sin God hates the most is the sin of "pride." God states in His word that He is drawn to the humble. This book teaches every believer how to overcome the daily battle of pride and have true biblical humility. Overcoming pride is a battlefield and the author gives the instruction of how to use the right tools to win the battle of pride. (Pastor Dwayne)

I can wholeheartedly endorse Dwayne's recommendation that this is a great book about true Christian conduct. Every soldier of the cross needs to read this book. (Pastor Sean)


 When Sinners Say "I Do" by Dave Harvey

This is the best book I have read on marriage. It is used for pre-maritial counseling at BBC. It is a fast read and cuts to the core of the problem in all marriages, namely sin. Harvey identifies the problem and shows how the gospel is the only acceptable solution. Every married couple should read this book. Preachers should not perform marriages unless the candidates for marriage have worked through the book. The book is gospel-centered and Harvey's honesty is to be admired. (Pastor Sean)



Tender Warrior by Stu Weber

Tender Warrior is by far one of the best books for men I have ever read. It presents a challenging call for Christian men to be the balanced man that God expects those He created as males to be. In a day and age when the distinct gender distinctions God created are becoming less distinct, this book reminds every male how to be a leader, friend, lover and protector. Men on Fort Bragg wonder how they can be a Christian and a warrior; this book answers that question well from the Word of God. Wives should buy this book for their husbands. This book would make a great men’s Bible study book. (Pastor Sean)




Passing the Plate by Christian Smith

Passing the Plate is an amazing book about the giving habits of Christians throughout America. The authors’ extensive research is eye-opening and will challenge the reader to consider all that could be done throughout the world if more people would give. The book is chalked full of facts and statistics. Any pastor considering preaching a series on giving would do well to avail himself of this book before beginning the series. This is NOT a prosperity gospel type book. (Pastor Sean)



Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks
Teaching to Change Lives is a concise, brutally honest challenge which takes the casual teacher to the true test of loving Christ--"feeding [His] sheep" (John 21).  Hendricks' 50 years of professorship and pastoral work are behind these seven easy laws which are hurled at the heart of the classroom teacher and sanctuary instructor who find themselves reading its pages. There are a ton of books that should be about 1/3 their published length, but this is not one of them. (Pastor Bill Sturm)



The Father Connection by Josh McDowell

The Father Connection is an easy read with many practical, everyday scenarios that we have all lived through at one time or another in our struggles as parents.  Josh lists 10 basic qualities or areas of attention that each of us as a Dad needs to be cognizant of in our daily responsibilities as a parent- the toughest job that God may ever ask us to undertake!  Don't beat yourself up over any failures of these truths and practices- learn from them, whether you have small children or adult children- they are very practical. (Don Adams) 



The Life God Blesses by Gordon MacDonald

This book is a helpful guide to those who are interested in learning to listen to God, recognize true spirituality, break free from sin identifying their life's mission, strengthen their convictions, and become energized for the tasks that God has planned for them.  (Dr. Steve Wilson)


The Master by John Pollock

The life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of John.  Christ's humanity combined with His deity will come alive as you read this book.  The life and work of Christ will become much clearer and focused for the believer.  This is a story that will live in your memory, and one that you will want to share with others.  (Dr. Steve Wilson)



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