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Missions - Our Global Partners

Are you one with us in our Missions Philosophy?

Do you consider yourself "in the market" for solid partner churches?  Would we agree?  Let's see! Read this while listening here and let's discover whether God may have put us together for such a time as this.

Ministry to Muslims in Northern Africa and to Muslim Refugees in Europe

We are pleased to say that God has allowed us to minister to the Muslim people of North Africa and to Muslim refugees in Europe. We think it is prudent to abstain from posting the information of those missionary families on the world-wide web.

Phil and Lori Bassham - Thailand

Philip and Lori Bassham are missionaries to Thailand where it is 99.5% non-Christian. They are working to preach the Gospel, plant churches, and train leaders for the ministry. Learn more of this fine ministry:

The Basshams are sponsored by the Readers SS Class.

Jeremy and Mattie Benbrooks - West Africa

Sent by Mikado Baptist Church and BIMI, Berean has a significant partership with the Benbrooks and other missionararies we support in West Africa. Jeremy will be a missionary pilot helping to reach those in the remote regions of the country. Learn more about their work at

The Benbrooks are sponsored by the Light Bearers SS Class.

Gerald and Mary Branch - Mexico

In Aug. 1985 the Branches entered Mexico. They finished language school in 1986 & immediately started preaching in Spanish. In 1987 they started Las Torres Bapt. Ch. in Monterey, and have since planted 3 other churches while starting a radio ministry and a Christian school. They provide mentorship to the current pastors and are now in semi-retirement in the states. BBC is their sending church. Visit their website

The Branches are sponsored by the Sandra Byrd Ladies SS Class.

Tony and Dawn Hess - Euro-Asia

Tony and Dawn Hess, along with their four children, have been serving in Euro-Asia since May of 2003. They were sent out by Eastwood Baptist Church in Murray, KY and are serving with BIMI. They have been serving the Lord in many aspects of the church-planting ministry such as Youth, Music, Nursing Home, Orphanages, & one-on-one discipleship. If you would like to keep up with their ministry, please visit their church on Facebook atБаптистская-церковь-Путь-жизни-Life-Way-Baptist-Church/337236509706596?ref=tn_tnmn or visit Dawn’s Blog at

The Hess family is sponsored by the Dudes SS Class.

Joey and Candice Kellett - Thailand

After five years as an assistant pastor and teacher here at Berean Baptist Church, God has directed the Kelletts to plant gospel-centered churches in Bangkok, Thailand. On a visit to a missionary our church supports, Phil Bassham, they became overwhelmingly burdened for the Thai people in Bangkok and the utter lack of churches preaching Christ. Follow them at:

Contact them via email.

The Kelletts are sponored by the Carolina Christians SS Class.

Luke and Jessica Marie - Bolivia

Luke and Jessica consider it a privilege to work as church planters with an emphasis in deaf ministries. Their goal is to evangelize the lost, counsel, disciple, train Bolivians in God's Word, and plant churches all for the glory of God.   For more information about their ministry go to:

The Marie family is sponsored by the Conquerors SS Class.

Scott and Melissa Newton - Spain

Scott and Melissa Newton are second generation missionaries serving in Barcelona, Spain since July 2013. They were married in 2005, and they have two daughters, Elena and Isabel, and one son, Xavi. After completing language school, they launched their first church in January 2015. Their longterm goal is the discipling and training of national leadership in Spain. Find our more at

They are sponsored by the Foundations SS Class.

Rom and Rachel Ribeiro - Brazil

Check out to learn more about Pastor Ribeiro's work in Brazil and yes there is an English site as well. Berean began supporting Rom in 2008. Rom is a seasoned missionary pastor and is presently working on his fourth church plant in Brazil.

The Ribieros are sponsored by the Chapel SS Class.

Takuji and Hiroko Yamazaki - Japan

Pastor Yamazaki is commited to church planting and leading a Christian school in Japan. Yamazaki has planted Toyohashi Grace Baptist Church and is preparing to transition and begin a new work in the area. Visit their ministries (the bottom two sites can be read by "right clicking" on the page and "translating to English" in most browsers): Toyohashi Grace Baptist church (English site)

Grace Baptist Chapel:

Source of Light ministry Correspondence School:

They are sponsored by the Crown SS Class.

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