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Brian Howell

Berean Baptist Church wants to disciple young adults (7th - 12th graders), in conjunction with families, and by doing so, create church members that are fully functioning followers of Christ.  We believe that this is accomplished by living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in our work, recreation, education, and relationships.  Our goal is to encourage young adults to grow, serve, and participate in the local body of Christ in a way that is excellent and reflects the Sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Glory of God the Father.  It is our belief that youthfulness is not to be wasted, but spent serving the Lord in ways that young adults are uniquely gifted.
May 6, 2018, is Youth Night. On this Sunday evening, the Crossfire youth group leads the Sunday evening service in worship, offertory, and preaching. The service is followed by a time of food and fellowship for the students that participate. 

Everyone that has completed grades 7 through 12 is welcome to attend camp with us each summer. 

Teen camp is July 9-14, 2018.

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No discipleship program in the world is worth anything without people that are willing to put in the work.  Ours is not any different.  If you are interested in discipling teens, let us know. Click the Sponsor image to learn more. 
This is our current study on Wednesday Nights ~ 6.30 in Room 304.

The Crossfire Resolution is a commitment that we have made as a ministry (pastor, sponsors, and students) to study God's Word, hold to a Christ-centered time of worship and preaching, and to respect and love one another.  Please read through our resolution in order to better understand our approach to ministry in our youth group.





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Berean is located just south of the four way intersection of Cliffdale Road and Glensford Drive in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We are about 2 minutes from the mall on Glensford Drive, and about 8 minutes from the main gate of Fort Bragg via the All-American Highway (Cliffdale Exit).

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